A unique type of investment that does not harm its investor most of the time, and even offers the highest profit if the right plan and steps are taken.

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Arnavutköy Haraççıda İmarlı İfrazlı Satılık Arsa

Haraççı-Arnavutköy, İstanbul
m2282Ada No5319
İmarİmarlı İfrazlıParsel No1


Our land is in the third parcel to Maltepe street and it is front to Gökdeniz street.

  • 10 minutes from the airport
  • Close to Kanal Istanbul project
  • Close to hospital, municipality, market
  • All social venues are within walking distance.
  • 30 minutes to Çatalca
Immovable Number25671421
Title Deed Area9.966,01
Floor TypeMain Immovable

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